DIMMARE’S approach to Magic is not


 unlike his approach to life: totally



, all consuming, and dedicated to



Despite the ever-changing nature of


popular entertainment, he has



focused on achieving what some



consider impossible. Entertainment



stands the test of time!


  That such a sophisticated and



 outlook comes from a young man



 spent his childhood in Western Canada


 might seem surprising, but James



 Dimmare is a master of surprises. His



 devotion to magic was the result of



the usual influences: television and



such; but who could have predicted



that he would be performing in



nightclubs while underage (14 years



 old!) and then have his own full



-evening show at age 16! In light of



the considerable critical and popular



success of this show James could



have toured Canada for years...



instead he decided to leave the



relative comfort and isolation of



Canada for... Hollywood!





  Realizing that the key to television



and international success is based on



personality, James Dimmare started



on creating an intimate magical



experience... the ultimate



nightclub/cabaret act. Incredible



illusions with doves and parakeets,



but with a significant difference... all



designed around a strong persona, a



brilliantly original style, and



incorporating music that has inspired



audiences and artists alike! The



results were extraordinary; James had



captured the feel and flavor of Fred



Astaire without losing himself in the



process. His contributions to the craft



resulted in an international reputation



and included such top honors as Stage



 Magician of the Year; presented by



Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle,



several European trophies, and in Las



Vegas: the only two time recipient of



the Siegfried and Roy “Lion Head”






  “The Act” as James has sometimes



called it, has taken him literally



around the world. TV, theaters, and



repeated tours of Europe; including a



command performance for Prince



Rainier of Monaco, are but a few of



the results of James Dimmare’s



tireless efforts. His time spent in



Europe, working with the top names



in Society as well as entertainment,



has given him a virtual “Masters



Degree in Show Biz”. When you add



the soul of an artist to the talents of an



 entertainer, you create a potent


theatrical force... James Dimmare!




  James Dimmare was now ready to re



-examine, re-vive, and re-create his



long held dream: a theatrical project



incorporating the best elements of his



now classic “dove act” and adding



jazz, pop, and swing elements that



broaden it’s appeal. James offered this



, “ It’s more than “Grand Illusion”,



it’s dance, dreams with humor and



excitement... a theatrical event that



challenges the audiences and critics to



 see that what worked for Sinatra or



Buddy Rich... remaining true to



yourself, works equally well for






  In a variety of settings: Las Vegas,



Jazz Clubs, and Concert Halls, James



has proven that his entertainment is



truly timeless. He has created a



vehicle that allows for infinite



flexibility. The nature of the show



allows him to expand or contract both



 the length and size of the program



while maintaining a moving



experience! Whether it’s a large-scale



 performance with orchestra (like the



Cincinnati Pops) or an Off- Broadway



 theatre, James applies his years of



onstage experiences to create a



memorable and powerful event!




  James Dimmare sees the bigger



picture. Drawing on classic, iconic



images from Fashion, Theatre, and



Film... he was recently asked by the



prestigious Wilhelmina Modeling



Agency (in association with a London



 Vogue Photographer) to appear in an



extensive series of photographs that


will be used in an exclusive



worldwide fashion campaign. Clearly,



 these trendsetters from the world of



fashion and advertising recognize a



very special quality in James



Dimmare... the ability to captivate an